All you could do was cry

You heard church bells ringing. 
You heard a choir singing. 
You saw Your love walk down the aisle.
On my finger, he placed a ring.
Oooh, oh

You saw us holding hands.
I was standing there with Your man. 
You heard us promise "Til death do Us part". 
Each word was a pain in Your heart.

All You could do, All You could do was cry. 
All You could do was cry. 
You were losing the man that You love and all You could do was cry.

And now, the wedding is over. 
The rice, rice has been thrown over our heads.
For us life has just begun but Yours is ending.

All You could do, All You could do was cry.
All You could do was cry.
You were losing the man that You love and all You could do was cry.

Min egna lilla tappning på Etta James - All I could do was cry - som här framförs av Beyoncé 😄

Sitt ner i båten Britt-Marie, vi hörs och störs!



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